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This December, Give Like it Counts

LifeKraze is all about earning points for your accomplishments, but we’ve found that what many people love most is the giving. In fact, most of what you do on LifeKraze is give. You give points, high fives and words of encouragement. Even posting your accomplishments provides inspiration for others.

So, while there is nothing new about giving on LifeKraze, we’re taking December to celebrate the Season and the act of giving graciously.  Here are some great ways to Give Like It Counts!

Give Back!
Throughout the month, we’ll be offering ways for you to get connected with worthy organizations - whether you’re giving time, money or general support, we want to help you get involved! We’ll also be introducing you to several individuals who have inspired us with the ways that they are giving back.

Give Gifts!
We know you’re shopping for loved ones for the Holidays. Why not convert your hard earned points into a discount in the LK Rewards Store? Many of our products support an active, healthy lifestyle… which means they’ll come in handy when resolutions season rolls around.

Give Both!
Some of our favorite partners are literally in the business of giving back - when you make a purchase from them, they use the proceeds to provide products or funding to people in need. Get Rewards from Hydros or Rescue Chocolate or Shoebacca, for instance, and when you give to a loved one, you’ll also be giving to great causes!

This is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more announcements and get ready to get generous!


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