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Meet some of the newest Rewards in the LK Party

The LifeKraze Discover tab is kind of like a giant party. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s where all the cool kids are hanging out this weekend. Still, one downside to the fun is that newbies can get lost in the crowd - so we want to take an opportunity to Introduce you to three new Rewards that we love, that you might like to take for a spin around the dance floor:

  • The Baller: The World’s Best Basketball Shorts from POINT 3 Basketball 

    Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, this gear has all kinds of innovations to give you an advantage on the court. For instance, POINT 3 shorts are the only ones that keep your hands dry through a patented technology built right into the shorts. How has no one thought of this yet? And if you haven’t already taken the opportunity to try them out for 20% off, why haven’t you thought of that yet?
  • The Adventure-Seeker: Assorted amazing clothing from Vooray

    "Live. Ride. Play." is the motto for Vooray, and their clothes are just right for all of the above. You may already know about Vooray from their now-famous human slingshot slip ‘n’ slide video, but if you haven’t seen their awesome lineup of go-anywhere, do-anything clothing, you’re missing out. Check it out now for 30% off!
  • The Animal-Lover: Vegan, Kosher, Handcrafted-in-Brooklyn Rescue Chocolate

    Two of the best things in the world are chocolate and cute animals. That’s not an opinion - it’s an objective fact. Rescue Chocolate serves your love for both by providing delicious, vegan sweets and giving the profits to support animal rescue! Now, try out some of their amazing different flavors, at15% off!
  • The Medic: Sports medecine & first aid supplies for runners from ITHACA Sports

    Pushing your limits can often lead to injuries, but having the write supplies to fix the problem can mean the difference between a weekend of taking it a little easy and a career-ender. IthacaSports has all kinds of great stuff and now you can get 10% off any of their running-related items to help you keep going strong throughout Running Days!
  • The Traveler: Healthy on-the-go meals from CORE Foods

    Most food you nibble on when you’re out and about is junk. Candy, crackers, chips, cookies. Okay, so obviously, you’re eating something that starts with a ‘c’, but if you’re tired of the negative impact all those things have you’re body, you’ve got to try a CORE meal. Each pack is one full bowl of raw oatmeal, to go, and you can try a variety pack right now with the LK Reward for 20% off! 

Alright, alright it’s getting late, but we hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some new friends! Be sure to check them out, along with all of the other awesome brands hanging out right now on the LK Discover tab! You’ve worked hard to earn those LK Points, now put ‘em toward something that excites you!


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